“Single-use’ officially named as word of the year

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The Collins Dictionary is always studying publications and public content to see what words are used the most. And they have a tradition to share a word of the year, the most commonly used word for that said year. In 2018 the Collins Dictionary’s most used word was “Single-Use”.

As you might imagine, this is connected to the fact that we are actively using plastic products one time and then throw them to the bin. In doing so, we are contributing to the distribution of this plastic to the oceans. There are millions of tons of plastic in the oceans and the problem is that most of it comes from not reusing plastics to begin with.

Most of the single-use items are known for not being recyclable, and more often than not that means we will have to deal with the consequences. The Single Use word is not 4 times more popular than it was in 2013 and it continues to grow in importance. It’s clear that people are taking notice and they are interested in the way our society grows and how it will eventually have to deal with all these repercussions.

Vegan is also extremely popular, and it shows just how important it is for us to eat healthier and adopt a new lifestyle. A cleaner, more helpful lifestyle for us is what we really need, and vegan as well as veganism are clear indication that we do want to boost and improve our lives naturally.

Other words on the list include “floss” a game dance performed in Fortnite; “whitewashing” the fact that a lot of movies casted white actors instead of minority ethnics that would be more suitable for such a particular role; and VAR, video assistant referee, used by FIFA football matches.

As you can see, there are lots of popular words coming every year and it’s reflects what’s going on in current society and it’s sad that “single-use” has had to top the list, but hopefully it will install change.

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