We’re in a single-use plastic crisis and we can’t seem to get out of it

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We all like the convenience of having single-use plastic cups and other plastic based items that we just use and throw away. We take all of these for granted and that’s really unfortunate. Because we never really know just how much plastic ends up in the oceans to begin with.

How much plastic can we find in the oceans?

Believe it or not, the amount is actually worrisome. There’s no way to know the real amount, as you can imagine, however the estimations created by various researchers clearly state that there are around 150 million metric tons of plastic circulating in our oceans. Just so you can get a good idea, this is pretty much the equivalent of having a garbage truck full of plastic throwing plastic in the ocean every minute. But as the population grows, so will the amount of plastic. And it’s said that the number will go around 250 million metric tons in around 10 years and in 2050 we will have more fish than plastic in our oceans.

Why is this a problem?

The reason is simple, we are consuming around 300 million tons of plastic every year and most of it ends up in the oceans. And the single-use plastic products tend to be the problem here. Sure, we have long term use plastics that are not thrown right away. But single-use plastic items are the ones that end up being thrown after a single use. And around 700 species have to deal with the impact.

You see, while we do throw plastic in the oceans, that plastic comes back in our diet. We consume a lot of fish, and more often than not it’s that fish that will end up eating plastic and we will eat plastic through it as well.

Some might say that plastic can be recycled, but not all kinds of plastic can be recycled. Only around 9% of the entire amount of plastic can be recycled at this time. And the problem is that plastic is not degrading. It will just break down into smaller and smaller pieces. And all those pieces of plastic will end up ingested by the marine life.

The main issue here is that the more plastic we throw in the oceans, the most perilous it is for both us and these creatures as well. What we really want to do is to find the right way of not using too many single-use plastic products. Relying on stainless steel and other products is extremely important. We need alternatives and we have to use them as fast as possible.

Our planet is slowly dying if we are constantly polluting it. And since this is the only place where we can live at this time, it’s extremely important to understand the challenge and actively find a way to make our lives better. Removing plastic from our day to day lives is a great idea, and doing that one step at a time is something that everyone needs to consider if we want to keep our planet alive in the long haul.

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