Nepal nearly doubles its wild tiger population

Nepal tiger extinction
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Unfortunately, nowadays it’s quite common to hear that animals are extinct or some species are close to not being there anymore. More focus needs to be on conserving and protecting them, that’s what Nepal did. Right now they have almost double the wild tiger population they had a few years ago.

In 2009 there were 120 Bengal tigers in Nepal and now there are around 235. They are working really hard to conserve the population. As these numbers clearly show, this animal is almost extinct and only the right amount of focus and hard work will be able to help it survive in the long run.

There are around 4,000 tigers left in the world, so having 200 of them in Nepal is a huge deal. That’s because there aren’t as many tigers as we might want, and the issue is that these animals are hunted down quite a bit. Considering the very low numbers to begin with, it’s really hard to keep the species alive at this point.

In 2008,  Global Tiger Initiative was set up by the World Bank, the Smithsonian Institute and nearly 40 conservation groups with aims to double tiger numbers by 2022. Nepal and other countries are committed are committed to this goal and Nepal almost succeeded way ahead of schedule. We can expect other countries to do the same. It’s definitely a lot of hard work to save a species like this, but it’s crucial to do it adequately and ensure the survival of such great animals.

For example, in Parsa, India, there were around 7 tigers in 2013, now there are 18. And hopefully we will be able to double the numbers in every country, even triple them in the long run. Doing this was a bit hard in Nepal, but working closely with the local communities and trying to help these animals really helped immensely.

In order to keep tigers safe, they had to do everything in their power to ensure that their habitats are protected. They need to have prey, protection and space. These things are quite hard to provide more often than not, which is where it can be quite challenging to ensure the survival of the entire species to begin with. Thankfully every little bit of help matters.

And hopefully we will be able to learn from Nepal and its anti-poaching protections to ensure that all tigers in the world will be safe. We need to support these animals and ensure their survival.  Protecting them and making sure that they have a place to hunt, sit and live is a crucial aspect. And this is obviously something important for all animals.

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