Ikea to phase out single-use plastic products by 2020

Ikea to ban single use plastic
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Protecting the environment is a priority and we need to do everything in our power to stop pollution. Large companies are already taking charge here, and Ikea is one of them. According to an official statement, Ikea is eliminating single use plastic products from their stores until the end of the year.

They want to make sure that all products like this will be banned from all their 363 stores. It’s definitely a great thing, because the last thing we want is a lot of single use plastic items floating on the oceans. We need to handle this problem as fast as possible, and the faster we do that, the better it will be. Ikea is actually set to create products that can be repaired, sold to other people or recycled.

They are following the EU announcement which states that they will ban balloon sticks, cutlery, straws and cotton buds or drink stirrers made out of plastic. As you already can imagine, this is designed to help protect marine life. Lots of marine species are dealing with extinction problem mainly because the seas are full of residues such as plastic.

What we can do is to use less plastic on a day to day basis. If the EU will manage to go through with their idea, then that will be a great way to help marine life. At the same time, Ikea’s idea is just as good. No one really wants to have a hard life due to climate change. What we want to do is to stay healthy and actively focus on finding new ways to live our lives without actively damaging the environment.

According to Torbjorn Loof, CEO for Inter Ikea Group, they are looking to inspire people and also help them live a better life. And they can totally do that with a change like this. Sure, for a lot of people a small change like this won’t really mean that much. But for the most part you always have to focus on improving your lifestyle and protecting the environment as much as possible.

Every company can start focusing on using less plastic as that can indeed be worth it. The less plastic we have in oceans and seas, the better it will be. Whether this will stick or not, it’s hard to say. But it’s definitely something that brings in front lots of conversation and people are interested in it. So it will end up bringing some good in the world.

Will other companies follow what Ikea is planning right now? That would be great, although we don’t really know the plans that other companies have in mind regarding this topic. However, it’s safe to say that shipping companies are also looking for ways to save the planet, and they are not alone. It would be the perfect time for all companies to deal with a situation like this, so hopefully more and more businesses will focus on eliminating plastic, especially single use plastic from their day to day use!

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