Giraffes facing ‘silent extinction’ as population plunges

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Giraffes facing ‘silent extinction’ as population plunges

When you think about endangered animals, you don’t necessarily add giraffes to this list. But recently the giraffe population started to plunge, now it’s at the lowest point it has ever been for quite some time. There were roughly 155,000 giraffes in 1985, but nowadays there are less than 97,000 and the numbers are getting lower every year.

Unlike other species whose numbers are lower every day, giraffes are facing a rather silent extinction. There are still plenty of them out there, however their numbers are getting lower and lower. Until recently, the idea of conserving giraffe populations was not a concern, but it’s becoming one now.

Why are giraffes facing a silent extinction?

As you can imagine, there are lots of reasons to consider here. First, people are entering the giraffe habitat more and more every year. As a result, their living space is limited and, combined with things such as poaching, it’s easy to see why the giraffe population is getting lower and lower. After all, the giraffe head and some of their bones bring around $140 per piece for poachers, so it’s a huge payday for them considering the net income in Africa. There’s also a lot of civil unrest in many parts of Africa, and that’s another reason why we have less giraffes on the continent.

Since the giraffe population has declined with around 30% in the past 3 generations. The fact that their numbers are plummeting is actually a huge concern. There are 9 giraffe subspecies in total. Out of those, 5 of them have falling populations, one is stable, and 3 of them have managed to grow. The latter ones are living in the southern part of the continent which is less affected by this particular problem, or so it seems.

Are there any solutions?

The first thing that we can do is not to accept or buy any products brought in by poachers. If the demand is low or non-existent, there will be less and less poachers out there. Also, it’s important to donate to organizations that try to invest in the creation of conservation areas. It all comes down to us working together and alongside one another as we focus on keeping these animals safe in the long run.

It’s important to stay away from their habitats too. Further expanding our reach into the animal territories is what leads to the extinction of many species nowadays. Even if this might be hard to control, the reality is that improving conservation methods and ideas is what will eventually help quite a lot in regards to protecting this magnificent animal.

Is it possible to protect these animals in the long run and avoid their silent extinction? Yes, the possibility is there, and it all comes down to start the intense conversation methods as quickly as possible. We are losing more and more giraffes every day, so finding a way to protect them is a major priority at this point. That being said, a similar thing is happening with elephants and rhinos too, these are amazing creatures that face extinction, and we need to start doing something for them before it’s too late!

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