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What is This Tab Helps the Planet?

We’re a Chrome Extension where you can raise money for charities helping the planet with every new browser tab you open.

Each time you click “new tab” in Chrome, we populate the new page with a search bar (Google, of course!) with ads. The money raised from the ads will be donated to charities helping to save the planet – and you get to choose the cause in your dashboard.

How do you raise money?

You’ll see a couple ads on each new tab you open. All the profits we make from these ads will go to helping the planet.

I don't see any ads. Now what?

Please check to make sure that you have any adblockers disabled for the this-tab.com domain.

Disable on AdBlocker:

Click the AdBlock button in the browser toolbar and select Don’t run on pages on this site.
In the Don’t run AdBlock on… window, click Exclude. The page reloads automatically.

Disable on Ghostery:

Click the extension icon and then “Site trusted”.

How can I choose with cause to donate to?

Every time you open a tab you open you’ll receive a “planet”. In your account you will be able to donate your planets to which ever cause you choose.

Which planet-good charities do you work with?

Install the extension and you’ll see!

I don't use Chrome. Can I still install your extension?

Unfortunately not right now.

How can I tell my friends about this?

Simply use these one-click to share links for Facebook, Twitter, or you can send them this short pre-written email.

Can I see your financials?

We want to be as transparent as possible. When we have our first set of financials at the end of Q2 we’ll post them here on our site.

What's your Instagram name?

It’s this_tab – come and say ?

How can I contact you?

Drop us an line at hello@this-tab.com

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