Beyond Meat is now a $550 million brand, winning over meat-eaters with their vegan ‘bleeding’ burger

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It’s safe to say that people in the US love burgers. Around 50 billion burgers are eaten annually in the US, and these are some of the most ordered items. But as you know, eating too much red meat can lead to cancer, heart problems and so on. Which brings the question, how can you start eating less meat but also stay very healthy? It seems that more often than not it all comes down to find meat replacement. Which is where Beyond Meat comes into play.

What is Beyond Meat?

This is a brand created with the idea of offering a plant based alternative to burgers. Despite the fact that this description will turn some people off, the reality is that Beyond Meat has managed to create burgers that look great, taste amazingly well and which are also healthy for you as well.

One thing to keep in mind is that Tyson Foods, the McDonald’s CEO, Leonardo DiCaprio and even Bill Gates have invested in Beyond Meat. They see this as a great opportunity for people to start eating healthily and focus a lot less on products that are unnatural and many times even dangerous for them. The company has already sold 25 million burgers all over the world, they filed for an IPO and it’s already stated that it’s worth around half a billion USD.

Is this a great solution for meat eaters?

Most people that eat meat will find a vegan burger hard to deal with. This product is 100% plant based, gluten and GMO free, so it’s definitely free of many substances that would cause you harm more often than not. However it’s very juicy, something that vegan burgers aren’t offering at this point. And it seems that juiciness is what a lot of people are craving to begin with.

The Beyond Meat technicians are trained meat sommeliers (who knew!) and they are always trying to make their product as similar to burgers as possible. However, the idea that this is meaty and very tasty is what pushes people towards it. Sure, for some people it seems scary because they know it’s not regular meat and that definitely puts them off when it comes to trying such a product. Yet it’s safe to say that such a product can deliver great benefits and it’s something that a lot of people are willing to try.

Beyond Meat has less sodium, it’s GMO free and the lack of meat makes it very healthy too. So there are many reasons why you want to at least test it out and see it for yourself. It’s easy to see why the Beyond Meat business is growing and the investors are very happy with it. However, tens of millions of dollars were invested into researching the product and making it as similar to meat as possible. The company states that they are 99% there, they just need to make some changes. And it’s safe to say they did a really good job!

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