Airline Hi Fly makes first single-use plastic free flight

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On Wednesday, December 26th, the Portuguese airline Hi Fly launched the world’s first passenger flight with no single-use plastic objects on board, with cutlery with bamboo and other packaging with compostable or paper packaging.

“This is a historic moment for Hi Fly,” said its president, Paulo Mirpuri, recalling the company’s commitment to becoming the first in the world to end single-use plastic on all its flights within a year.

This flight connected Lisbon, Portugal, and Natal, Brazil and three more test flights will take place in the coming weeks to evaluate the alternatives put in place. All going well, the plastic-free solutions should make it possible to avoid using some 350 kg of disposable plastics, says Hi Fly.  “We can no longer ignore the impact of plastic contamination on ecosystems, as well as on human health,” Paulo Mirpuri told Canadian television channel CTV. “We also know, thanks to feedback from airline customers and passengers, that this is the right thing to do.”

Other companies such as Ryanair and Air New Zealand have also announced in recent months strategies to reduce the use of plastic on their flights.

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