Our mission is to make it easy for people to help save the planet.

This Tab Helps The Planet came to life in 2020 to enable people to easily raise money for charities working to save our planet. Our mission is deeply rooted in the collective consciousness that it’s time to step up and save our planet, before it’s too late. We need a more sustainable and healthy planet. We want a future where wild animals roam free in abundance, safe from extinction. We want a future where the oceans are full of fish not plastic, and fresh water is right not a privilege.

Do you feel the same way as us?

Let’s make the planet happy again. 

There’s no easy way to say this…

There’s no easy way to say this, but we’re killing the planet.*

A lot of people we meet with want to make a change to “good” but don’t know what to buy or where to start. That’s why we created This Tab Helps the Planet, a Chrome extension where you can raise money for charities just by surfing the web.

*It’s predicted there with be more plastic than fish in the sea by 2050. How scary is that!?

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We partner with others companies who want to make this world a better place. Does your company want to do their part to help save the planet? Let’s chat.

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We’re currently not hiring, but if you love what we do please send us a message and tell us why you’d be a great person to be part of our team. Say hi.

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